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Dramatify's breakdown is a true information control center.
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Script breakdown – the core of your pre-production

Breaking down your script – screenplay, AV script or live & studio script – is one of the most important steps in the pre-production. With Dramatify, it’s a central information hub.

Dramatify’s script breakdown is closely tied both to the screenplay, the AV script, the multi-camera live/studio script, the scheduling and the call sheets. This means you never need to start all over again with breakdown and planning because you had a script change. You just add and adjust for the new material.

The graphical interface of the script breakdown (as well as of the scheduling) subtly show you which scenes have been broken down as they have correct stripboard colours and which scenes you have yet to breakdown as they are adorned with a striped header.


Smart breakdown integrated with all other functions

Breakdown notes & Director's notes

Time estimates for finished material and production time

Smart lists for characters, extras & stunts

Smart scene items - add to character, set or scene

Top image by Bree/Flickr (CC BY).


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