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Scene items, from props and wardrobe to lights, vehicles and security, can be a serious resource drain to handle. Dramatify gives you a smart, collaborative solution at the finger tips of all your production departments.

Scene items can be added and managed in several ways in Dramatify:

1. Scene items in the breakdown

Naturally, the first place where you usually start adding them are in the breakdown. With smart and easy to use technology, you add new scene items, attach them to the set, a character or the scene itself. You also assign them to the correct department. For characters we have both persistent and non-persistent scene items.

2: The scene items list

In the scene items list you keep track of all your items, add, edit and delete them but also add scene item options. This is very useful if you want an actor to try on three different jackets or have a couple of different car models in mind. The scene item list also contain a lot of nifty features to sort and filter the scene items for instance by scene, set, character and department.

3. Set and character pages

On the individual pages for a set or a character, team members from props, wardrobe and hair & makeup departments can do their breakdown and add items to a character, and props and set construction can add their scene items to sets. They can also add scene item options to each scene item. Even in the mobile on the go!

4.  NEW!!! Tags, images & stars!

We just added both free tagging, images and star option. Tags is any keyword you want to add to your scene item. You can now also add an image to each scene item as well as star mark scene item options to easier distinguish between different options. Powerful!

5. NEW!!! Day out of Day for Scene Items!

Want to know exactly when #wardrobe #props #vehicles or any other #sceneitems are used? Check out Dramatify’s automatic Day out of Day report for Scene Items! Filter on dates and/or departments. Useful!

Scene items Day out of Day table


Add scene items in the breakdown, to the character, set or scene.

Super management and search of all scene items

Let departments do their own breakdown with scene items on character & set pages

Top image by tofuprod / Flickr (CC BY SA).

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