Character & cast management

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Character & cast management

Characters are the lifeblood of any production. Dramatify automatically helps keeping track of all the details around your production’s characters, from which scenes they appear in and the cast, to any scene items belonging to them.

Dramatify offers a wide range of character types, from fiction to non-fiction, entertainment and current affairs. Add  scene items such as wardrobe and props and link cast members to the character. Suddenly, you and your team have a wealth of information at your fingertips, and Dramatify automatically adds characters and cast to lists, reports and call sheets.

Fleshing out the character

Lists are boring. That’s why you can flesh out a character with image, bio and notes. You can also link characters together through the relationships feature; a couple, a family, friends and foes. 

Real people, stunt persons, body doubles and stand-ins

For drama, you can link not only an actor to a character but also stuntpersons, body doubles and stand-ins. For any other kind of non-fiction, entertainment, factuals, current affairs (or cameos) you can check a box to display that this person is themself.

Wardrobe, makeup & props

We have also extended scene items past breakdown. This gives costume designers, makeup artists, hair stylists and the prop masters the option of doing their own breakdowns and add both scene items and scene item options to a character – with images, tags and star markings.

Character list &r reports

The entire character list becomes a working document which clearly shows which roles are cast and which are underway. It is also the basis for credits at the end of the production.

In the Character & Cast report, you find production days, pages, episodes, scenes, sets, location and unit bases for each character and cast. You can also filter and customise the information with a few clicks to get the view you want – for yourself or to send to others. 



Automatic character list

Link main cast member, actor, stunt person, body double and stand-in to the character

Individual character pages with all detail information inc. wardrobe & scene items

Various Character & Cast reports

Top image original by Karen Roe / Flickr (CC BY).


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