Our rundown format has had a small update. You can now add a manual start button to the rundown during live broadcasts or studio recordings. The button resets the timings in the rundown to match the actual time.

When a scene is shorter or longer than planned, or when the entire show needs to be starter earlier or later than planned, that is when you’d use the new start button.

Enable show mode

Before the show is to start, go to the rundown menu and select “Enable show mode”. That will display a start button per scene

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To start a show earlier or later than planned, click the start button of the first scene
. This action resets the aggregated timings of the rundown to reflect the actual time.

To start a scene sooner or later than scheduled, click the start button of that scene. This action resets the duration of the previous scene to reflect the duration from the scheduled start time until you click the start of the next scene
. It will also change the aggregated timings for the following scenes.

Set time options

To select which time options you want to display in the rundown, go to the rundown menu and select Script Settings.

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