Script breakdown is now added to Dramatify

It has developed out of, and far beyond, our previous annotate feature. Now you can breakdown your drama screenplay in one go, in one place, on the move and together with your team if you wish.

The script breakdown is completely integrated with both the screenplay and the planning. This means that if you need to rewrite or otherwise edit your screenplay, Dramatify’s breakdown and planning keeps pace with you.

New scenes you haven’t broken down yet are clearly marked, and you just adjust for your new material. There is no need to do your breakdown and scheduling all over again as in other solutions. Read more about how to use it in our FAQ article.

More to come

You find the new script Breakdown feature under Scenes in the right-hand production menu. Why not label it “Breakdown” you might ask? Well, we will very soon add more features related to Scenes and Breakdown, so stay tuned!

Happy breaking down!


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