Real-time Production Updates

Keep your team updated. Automatically!
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Real-time production updates: Keep your team updated automatically!

Dramatify’s automatic real-time production updates allow your team to save time by working with the latest version of scripts and related pre-production information. 

Dramatify automatically updates you and your team members in real-time when episodes, scripts, scenes, characters, sets and locations are added, changed or deleted – keeping everyone in the loop! When you log into Dramatify, you’ll find an update box on the Dashboard with the five latest updates. 

Separate update section

You also have access to a separate update section where you in one place find all updates listed for all of your productions. Here we also display optional update comments for any manually changed items – a great way to quickly inform your team of significant changes and the change details. 

Visibility according to access rights 

Your team members can only see the updates they have the right to access. That means that Updates is an excellent source of information for many in the team during pre-production: such as coordinators and managers, set designers and builders, wardrobe designers, makeup artists, casting and location scouts and managers.


Automatic updates of important production changes

The latest updates are displayed in the dashboard

The Update section also holds any manually added update comments

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