Printed callsheets for the 21st century re-imagined by designer Jonas Sahlström.

Dramatify is all about collecting and displaying all your important production information digitally in your phone, tablet and on your desktop. We make it super convenient for your team to access the screenplay, call sheets and team lists for your film, TV and video production.

However, we don’t believe in forcing people
. Some people are simply not proficient or comfortable with internet services yet. You might have some of them in your team. But we don’t think that should stop you from using Dramatify.

Introducing gorgeous call sheets

For a reader point of view, most call sheets go from bad to worse. Information crammed together in tables, minuscule typefaces that are hard to read, new layouts to make sense out of for every new production, even bad copiers running out of toner… The list goes on.

We asked one of Sweden’s best graphical designers, Jonas Sahlström, to re-imagine how the information design for a printed call sheet for the 21st century should look like, with top priority to readability, ease of use but also economical use of space so we don’t waste trees unnecessarily.

We hope you like the result! 


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