One login for all your productions

Login once – for all productions and employers

One login, that’s all you have to remember when joining Dramatify. Regardless of how many productions you are engaged in for any number of employers. It’s that simple.

The user research we have conducted, shows that film and TV crews abhor keeping track of a lot of different services, user names and passwords. With Dramatify there is only one.

With the one login, we can present all your current productions. Through the Today page, you see all current productions you are engaged in and the production status of them. You might have very different roles and access permissions in various productions, but we handle all that for you!

Safe and secure

On Dramatify, you can be engaged as a screenwriter in one production, an actor in another, and produce and administer your own production added to that. Our solid security solution assures that information stay safe, even if you work on multiple productions at the same time.

Always free for team members

Dramatify doesn’t cost anything to use for team members invited to join a production. Instead, the production pay a monthly fee to be hosted at Dramatify.

One login, presenting the Today page

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