AV scripts are superflexible in Dramatify and can be put to a lot of different uses . Here’s how!

A lot of productions need a script but not a traditional screenplay. A commercial might need a storyboard more than a script. A talkshow might need a production schedule rather than a script.

Dramatify’s AV scripts are flexible to provide you with everything from a minimalistic production schedule up to a a fully-fledged storyboarded script with images, dialogue, sound and music suggestions, participants and more. Best of all, the AV scripts are formatted to look great on the mobile to make shooting on location a breeze.

Team writing

If you have your writing team spread out, Dramatify provides you with a perfect solution for your team to be able to collaborate from different locations.

Call sheets

AV scripts work in Dramatify’s mobile-adapted call sheets just like drama screenplays
. If you work on a series, you can even mix episodes with drama screenplays and AV scripts if you like.

Read the tutorial

You’ll find the full AV script tutorial in our FAQs section, where you also can explore other topics to learn more on how to use Dramatify to the fullest!

Happy writing in Dramatify!


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