Team administration, team reports and new profiles – A short list of our new features

Dramatify users said they wanted us to beef up profiles, allow team members to display driving licenses and professional qualifications and most importantly: Build the team list and set up profiles for team members before inviting them. Here it is!

  • Much easier team administration
  • Build your team list before you invite your team
  • Invite team members and cast at the right time for each person
  • Manually add a profile, profile image, contact information, representation etc as you invite team members
  • Add flags for minors as well as contact information to their guardians
  • Easier team administration with up to 5 teams, production notes and optional upload of releases and contracts
  • One click calling, texting, direct messaging and emailing
  • Options for team members to add driving licenses, professional qualifications and certificates, medical training and health and safety officer training to their profile
  • Option for team members to add a flag for a medical condition or handicap they want the team to know about, and how the team best can assist
  • Option of adding ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact information
  • Team reports that can be filtered and printed

Happy Dramatifying your team!


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