Wardrobe? Props? Vehicles? Camera equipment? Security? Efficiently keep track of everything!

We always listen to our customers and their smart requests. That’s why we have beefed up our scene items management so you and your team always are on top of everything – from wardrobe and props to vehicles, security, camera and lighting equipment.  And any other things you want to manage for your production.


Copy scene items from previous scene in breakdown Smart copy!

In the breakdown, copy scene items from a previous scene with a click – making script breakdown super fast!


Add images to scene items
Add images!

Add images of wardrobe items, props and any other scene item. Or, snap a photo of a barcode or inventory number!


Add tags to scene itemsAdd tags!

Create your own tags to organise and categorise your scene items!


Add stars to scene options
Add stars!

Scene items can have options – say three different jackets to try. Now you can star mark your options to keep track!


Search scene items

Smart search – search on scene item names or keywords!


Character pages with scene items Character pages!

Each character have their own page where you can overview and edit all scene items for the character – and add options!


Set pages with scene items
Set pages!

Each set have their own page where you can overview and edit all scene items for the set – and add options!


Day out of day for scene items

Day out of day for Scene items

When and for how long will you be needing a scene item? The new Day out of Day table for scene items gives you the answer in a second!




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