I thought I’d brighten up your Tuesday with a tutorial on how to connect the dots and prepare to create call sheets in Dramatify.

Dramatify’s production planning feature is a collection of features to facilitate the creation of call sheets. Dramatify’s planning is currently suitable for smaller drama projects and non-fiction productions, with the option of importing Movie Magic Scheduling for larger productions.

Dramatify is the only provider in the world offering import from Movie Magic Scheduling and distribution on mobile. It is still a somewhat experimental feature because we had a small number of productions to test with and there is a lot of factors to contend with. However, we are here to support you in case you run into problems.

 Linking scenes, sets and light conditions together

The planning nav tab in Dramatify has four features:

  • Linking scenes, sets and light conditions together for faster call sheet creation
  • Setting standard working hours for the entire production
  • Adding standard radio channels for the entire production
  • Importing schedules from Movie Magic

 Read the tutorial

You’ll find exactly how to do that in the full tutorial on how to plan your TV or film production in Dramatify.  You can also browse our FAQs and tutorial section to learn more about how to use Dramatify to the fullest!

Happy planning in Dramatify!


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