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Stripboards for mobile and print

Stripboards, a standard visualisation of your production’s scheduling, has gotten an upgrade in Dramatify. Enjoy both nifty mobile features as well as one-click customisation for print and pdf-ing. 

Stripboards in Dramatify are more. We give you fast production overview stats, from production days and pages, to estimated production time according to the scheduling and the estimated running time of the finished project.

Stripboards that handles split scenes and multiple teams

With Dramatify, you don’t have to do clumsy workarounds to handle unlimited splitting of scenes or multiple teams. You can easily split scenes up on different teams, say live action, sfx and cgi, in the scheduling and your stripboard will exactly reflect your planning.

Stripboards for mobile

Dramatify conveniently shows you and your team the production stripboards formatted for the screen of your favourite device, may it be your smart phone or the office big screen TV at a staff meeting. With a click you expand the content in the toolbar underneath each scene and view main characters and cast; stunts, extras and atmosphere, location with map link and all scene parts if you have splited a scene.

Stripboards for print

If you want to print your stripboard, you can format it with a few easy clicks – add or remove information, filter it on teams or certain shooting days, as well as add a headline and an intro text.



Stripboard view of scheduling

Fast formatting for both digital views and print

Smart filters to display exactly the information you need

Top image by Ken Teegardin /Flickr (www.Fundable.Org) (CC BY SA).


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