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Cast scheduling from availability all through to automatic daily production reports

Dramatify delivers one smart and integrated workflow from the moment you add availability for the first cast member to wrap the last day of shooting. Here is how it works!

Cast availability 

Dramatify’s smart scene scheduling integrates with cast availability. Add which days and times individual cast members are available, and scene scheduling will warn in cases of conflict! It also picks up if characters are missing assigned cast members, or if a cast member is already shooting with another production team. 

Visual cast schedule with Day out of Day details

A clear, visual diagram shows you the cast schedule along with availability and scheduling/booking status, quickly helping you to identify any problems or conflicts!  The schedule also features Day out of Day details.

Daily cast scheduling

Dramatify has a comprehensive daily cast scheduling for each production day with call and dismissal times, transportation, makeup, F/X makeup, hair, wardrobe, rehearsals and notes.

The cast scheduler can schedule both cast that is shooting that day, as well as non-shooting cast that needs to be scheduled for rehearsals or fittings. Each cast member can be scheduled individually, but each scheduling item can also be set for everyone. That makes daily cast scheduling a fast and easy task!

Scheduling a cast member with the daily cast schedule also means that they will automatically appear in:

  • Cast calls in the call sheet
  • Timesheets
  • The automatic catering list (if the production is offering food)
  • The daily production rapport (on shooting days)

Call sheet integration

The cast scheduler feeds directly into the call sheets, and both give each cast member their personal information as well as transport orders for drivers!

Day out of Day report

Dramatify has a standard Day out of Day report that can also be pulled up in a browser tab along with the production scheduling to optimise cast days.

Cast and character report

Dramatify has a detailed cast report with all days worked, pages, period, scenes, sets, locations and unit bases. The report can be easily formatted with a few clicks to show exactly what you want.

Cast time sheets and plate count

If you want to record cast working hours and meal cost, please learn more at Time Sheets and Food Management.


Cast availability & confirmed bookings!

Cast availability integrated with scene scheduling!

Visual cast schedule for easy status!

Smart daily scheduler for both shooting and non-shooting cast

Cast schedule overview with Day out of Day information.

Daily cast schedule to book call times, transport, makeup, hair, wardrobe & rehearsals.

Top image original by Ashley MacKinnon /Flickr (CC BY).


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