In our first major upgrade, Dramatify has added some serious speed and snappiness to our service. Our offline support is now rock solid so you can bring Dramatify to shootings where there are no mobile coverage, like three floors down in an underground garage.

Angelika Olsson, our CTO and lead developer, has read and analyzed some 1600 lines of javascript code to optimise speed and performance to the max. All market research shows that speed and snappiness is the one thing that users appreciate the most in any app. We sure don’t have time waiting for our tools to load!

First load

When you first log into Dramatify, you will experience a brief loading time. That’s because Dramatify downloads all the content in your account to your device so that you are no longer dependent on a 3G  or wifi connection to read your script, call sheets or team contacts. You can access everything locally on your device. To post or edit content, you still need an internet connection, however.

Surface to refresh

Your device will read your local Dramatify content as long as you are logged in. If there are updates to your content, you simply hit the refresh button to refresh your content. Just make sure that you have a 3G or wifi connection. You will probably have to head topside out of your garage to do that.

Shorter release time

Aft this major optimization work, future updates to Dramatify will be closer together. We have a great roadmap planned for late summer and the fall with tons of sure useful features for productions. Stay tuned for more updates!

Image: Michael Ruiz / Flickr


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