In our continuous build-out of Dramatify’s features, we are now adding sets to locations. This makes planning easier for professionals, especially for productions with lots of studios or sound-stage shooting.

Since there is a tad confusion in the industry of what a set is and a location is, and the difference between them – and that it also can be hard to distinguish for our multilingual users, here is an explanation!

A Set is where your action will take place. You find them in the middle of the screenplay’s slugs, here in bold:

Some sets require that you build elaborate sets, others can be shot in an existing location. You can shoot an almost unlimited number of sets in one location, like a studio or a sound stage, but never one set in multiple locations. Also, a set doesn’t necessarily need a location, if you, for instance, do CGI work instead.

While a set usually is quite unspecific; “Street”, “Car”, “A view of Paris”, a location is the specific, physical place where you intend to shoot.

In Dramatify, you link the set of “A view of Paris” to the physical location of “9 Rue du Cardinal Dubois, 75018 Paris, France” from where you can shoot a nice view of Paris as shown in the image from Google Streetview above. With the location, Dramatify also gives you maplinks and an automatic weather forecast in your call sheet.

Some confusion arises due to the fact that what Dramatify (and Movie Magic) call a set, Final Draft (and Final Draft compatible programs) call a location.

We have two excellent tutorials on how to work with Sets and Location in Dramatify. Go read them!


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