Customers have asked us to build out our breakdown with a proper technical breakdown. And here it is!

Now you can breakdown every aspect of your script and add anything it needs to be realised. You can add the scene items to scenes, sets or characters and select which department is responsible for the scene item.

Persistent and non-persistent scene items

To characters, you can add both persistent and non-persistent items. A persistent item is something the character should have in every scene, like glasses. Once a persistent item is added to a character, it is automatically added to each scene that you add that character to.

Sets work in a similar manner. When you add scene items to sets, they will be automatically added to all scenes using that set.

Adding scene items outside of breakdown

Since departments like set construction, props, wardrobe and makeup & hair often need to fill out the initial breakdown, they can do that at the set and character pages without needing admin privileges. They can also add scene item options to each scene item, like different brands, colours or models to try out before deciding on the right one. These lists also make it easy to remember what to return.

Scene list and breakdown report

In the ultra sortable scene list, your team can get a condensed version of the breakdown, to some extent depending on their individual access permissions. The breakdown report that shows everything included in the breakdown can be sorted and printed on screenplay or scene.


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