Starting this week is the most famous film festival of them all The Cannes Film Festival that actually consists of four different events rolled into one. Festival de Cannes: Selection Officielle is the most well-known where feature films compete for the Palme d’Or, moody actors suffer through endless press conferences and starlets appear naked on the beach.

Less well known are the two other competitions; Cinefondation which selects films from film schools all around the world, and Cannes Court Métrage which is the short film competition.

The fourth event is the gigantic Marché du Film, the Film Market, where we at Dramatify will meet producers and introduce our online mobile production tool. We will only be there for three of the ten festivals, joining up on Friday 17th and leaving late on Sunday 19th. Please contact me, Annika Lidne, through mail or twitter, if you want to set up a meeting!

Image by 42Jules / Flickr.


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