Set handling and set details

Set handling and details for TV, film and VR.

Set details can be overwhelming. From construction through props, Dramatify helps you handle all the details. 

Dramatify offers lists, pages and scene item lists for sets and a breakdown report that include all set information. During breakdown, you connect the set to scenes, turn defining set characteristics and props into scene items, and then connect locations to sets. Suddenly, you and your team have a wealth of interconnected information at your fingertips, and we can automatically start help you gather and display useful information.

Add scene items and scene item options directly to sets

We have also extended scene items past breakdown. This gives you the option of letting the set construction and props teams add both scene items and scene item options to a set.

Lists and reports

You can sort scene items on department in order for each department to easily see what they need to dot. All scene items for a set is automatically on the Breakdown report for the scenes that uses the set.

The entire set list also becomes a working document and set report which clearly shows in which scenes a set is used, which sets have been connected to a certain location and a unit base. You can filter the set list on int/ext sets, as well as on locations.

Working with sets and scene items, set construction & props in Dramatfy

Top image by Ryan Johnson/ North Charleston / Flickr (CC BY SA)

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