Scene list with flexible super filters

Scene list – a full overview of your script and shooting status

The scene list is where you get full overview of all the details and status of your scenes. Dramatify not only offers a list made both for mobile and print, but also with status progress, and a ton of sorting and filtering options.

The scene list is tightly integrated with the Script Breakdown, and it shows at a glance if the script have been broken down or not.

Scene list with scene status

The scene list is updated with the scene status. finished or unfinished, as that is checked off in the call sheet during the production day. The status is clearly market in green with a check mark for finished scenes, or in red with a warning sign for unfinished scenes.

Filtering the scene list

The scene list view is super customisable. You – and each member of your team – have a lot of different ways of filtering it, either by s a single filter or through a combination of filters.

Want to know the sets at a particular location? Want to know which scenes are unfinished with a certain character and actor? Want to quickly see all the scenes of a script day? All in a click. Everything to make things as fast and easy for you!

Formatting the scene list

You format the scene list, for online viewing or printing, with a few fast clicks, exactly like you want it!

Scenelist with super filters




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