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Dramatify releases technical script breakdown

Dramatify releases technical script breakdown

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Customers have asked us  to build out our breakdown with a proper technical breakdown. And here it is!

Now you can breakdown every aspect of your script and add anything it needs to be realised. You can add the scene items to scenes, sets or characters and select which department is responsible for the scene item.

Persistent and non-persistent scene items

To characters, you can add both persistent and non-persistent items. A persistent item is something the character should have in every scene, like glasses. Once a persistent item is added to a character, it is automatically added to each scene that you add that character to.

Sets work in a similar manner. When you add scene items to sets, they will be automatically added to all scenes using that set.

Adding scene items outside of breakdown

Since departments like set construction, props, wardrobe and makeup & hair often need to fill out the initial breakdown, they can do that at the set and character pages without needing admin privileges. They can also add scene item options to each scene item, like different brands, colors or models to try out before deciding on the right one. These lists also makes it easy to remember what to return.

Scene list and breakdown report

In the ultra sortable scene list, your team can get a condensed version of the breakdown, to some extent depending on their individual access permissions. The breakdown report that shows everything included in the breakdown can be sorted and printed on screenplay or scene.





The Team Thingy – new super profiles, team administration and team reports

The Team Thingy – new super profiles, team administration and team reports

Dramatify users  said they wanted us to beef up profiles, allow team members to display driving licenses and professional qualifications and most importantly: Build the team list and set up profiles for team members before inviting them. Here it is!

Team administration, team reports and new profiles – A short list of our new features

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  • Much easier team administration
  • Build your team list before you invite your team
  • Invite team members and cast at the right time for each person
  • Manually add profile, profile image, contact information, representation etc as you invite team members
  • Add flags for minors as well as contact information to their guardians
  • Easier team administration with up to 5 teams, production notes and optional upload of releases and contracts


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  • One click calling, texting. direct messaging and emailing
  • Options for team members to add driving licenses, professional qualifications and certificates, medical training and health and safety officer training to their profile
  • Option for team members to add a flag for a medical condition or handicap they want the team to know about, and how the team best can assist
  • Option of adding ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact information
  • Team reports that can be filtered and printed



The one minute explaination:

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The thorough tutorial:

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Happy Dramatifying your team!

Meet us at Marché du Film in Cannes 2015!


Welcome to meet Dramatify at the 68th International Film Festival and Marché du Film in Cannes!

With fellow Swede, the fantastic Ingrid Bergman, gracing this year’s official posters, Dramatify arrives to Cannes as “one of the most innovative companies in television and video technology right now” according to MIPTV in Cannes earlier this spring

This year our CEO and co-founder Annika Lidne will be based at the Scandinavian Terrace, International Village, Panitere 217, in the Old Harbour.

Have a look at our short video tour, and book a meeting with Annika Lidne for a personal meeting in Cannes, or just come by the Scandinavian terrace and say hi!

Dramatify  – one of the most innovative companies in TV & video technology

Dramatify – one of the most innovative companies in TV & video technology

Dramatify is among the startup finalists to the MIPLab 2015 . As MIPmarkets write: “…five of the most innovative companies in TV & video technology today. Congratulations Dramatify, RightsTrade, Relevancy Data,Wildseed Studios and Wildmoka!”

We will pitch to a seasoned jury of television and online experts in Cannes April 13th. Hope to see you there!

More at MIP Market’s Facebook page.

New! Scene list and scene shooting status

New! Scene list and scene shooting status

With the new scene list and the new scene status, we give all Dramatify users complete overview over the script and the shooting status of all scenes.

From now on, users with admin rights can change the status of the scenes right in the call sheet, using any internet connected device.

When a scene is done, you simply change its status. If you’ve shot a scene that needs any kind of additional shots to be completed, you set the status to unfinished.

Call sheet scene status setting

Call sheet scene status; finished

Call sheet scene status; unfinished


Scene list overview

In the new scene list (image at the top), you get an overview of the entire script. You can also filter all scenes to get lists on int/ext scenes, production days, progress status etc.

As soon as you change a scene status in the call sheet, the scene list is updated.

Dramatifying your production means staying on top of things!

Script breakdown now added to Dramatify’s scheduling suite!

Script breakdown now added to Dramatify’s scheduling suite!

Script breakdown is now added to Dramatify. It has developed out of, and far beyond, our previous annotate feature. Now you can breakdown your drama screenplay in one go, in one place, on the move and together with your team if you wish.

The script breakdown is completely integrated with both the screenplay and the planning. This means that if you need to rewrite or otherwise edit your screenplay, Dramatify’s breakdown and planning keeps pace with you.

New scenes you haven’t broken down yet are clearly marked, and you just adjust for your new material. There is no need to do your breakdown and scheduling all over again as in other solutions. Read more about how to use it in our FAQ article.

More to come

You find the new script Breakdown feature under Scenes in the right hand production menu. Why not label it “Breakdown” you might ask? Well, we will very soon add more features related to Scenes and Breakdown, so stay tuned!

Happy breaking down!

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