Locations, maps, weather & driving directions

Adding locations, maps, weather & driving directions to your production

Forget excel lists, manual weather updates in the call sheet and badly copied map handouts to the team. (And team members that still end up in the wrong place!)

Dramatify adds locations, maps, weather & driving directions in conveniently in your and your team members mobiles, tablets and laptops. You get a location list you gradually can build out during preproduction. We offer shooting locations, unit base and medical emergency locations.

All locations have:

  • location images as slideshow
  • location image board with comments
  • street address
  • GPS address that is set automatically from the street address, or your manually picked position on our interactive map
  • status – red, yellow, green – to use as you like
  • notes
  • location release upload (optional)
  • location owner and details

You connect your set to your locations so your team have all location info in the scene list and in the call sheet.

Location images

You can add location images to all your locations. A thumbnail will be shown in the location list. On each location page you’ll find both a headeer image slideshow and an image board with comments that gives overview and collaboration.

Maps and driving directions

Clicking any map link gives you traditional maps, satellite maps and – if available –  Google Streetviews. Add your current location and you’ll get driving directions with time estimates, or public transport alternatives.

Automatic weather

Based on the shooting location, we automatically adds a ten day, rolling weather forecast in the call sheet, updated every third hour with general weather forecast, temperature, wind, sunrise and sunset.

Nifty report

Built into the location list, is also a location report which you can customise according to your own needs, or print to send to others.

Location images

Locations, weather, maps & driving directions


Top image by Jai Mansson / Flickr (CC BY SA).
The people and production in the photo have no relation to Dramatify.

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