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Most productions uses pdfs, Excel templates or Word documents for screenplays, AV scripts, call sheets and team lists. All that is already included in Dramatify through our basic functionality that formats everything perfectly for the device you are using, regardless if the screen is huge or tiny.

However, there might be a lot of other documents you want to share for your TV or film production. It can be anything from templates and policies to production schedules, bookings and so on. In Dramatify you can upload a variety of different file formats; pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx and .zip and the maximum upload size is 4MB.

Less risk of accidental deletion

Compared to other solutions like Dropbox, there is also less risk that team members accidentally delete files as they are  at all times well aware that the file is on Dramatify, and not in a folder on the computer. To delete a file, you consciously have to choose that alternative. Also, the file on Dramatify is always an uploaded copy, so the original is safe on your computer.

Happy sharing!

Documents & files

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