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Prices and payment plans

Our goal is that you always find the perfect payment plan for your needs. Regardless of which plan you select, you can work with a small team during pre-production, and then explode the team in the time running up to shooting. Or add select a plan that has space for all your team members and cast from the start. You decide!

And to help you get started, we only start charging when you add the second team member. That means you can always try out Dramatify and set up your production for free!

Right country?

Below we show the prices for the country we believe you are working in: the United States of America
If you are in another country than the one we have detected, please look up the correct price plan in the dropdown menu below:

Payment plans

Per month

First member* Free Free
Up to 10 members USD 39 USD 219
Up to 25 members USD 99 USD 559
Up to 50 members USD 239 Ask for offer
Up to 100 members USD 399 Ask for offer
Up to 200 members USD 799 Ask for offer
Up to 500 members USD 1 499 Ask for offer
Over 500 members Ask for offer Ask for offer
Enterprise & custom orders Ask for offer Ask for offer

  * Dramatify is free for the first member in a plan until you add your second member.

Pay as you go-plan

Pay per team member per production and month –  only for exactly what you use. Monthly payments.

Fixed plan

Select a maximal number of team members and get at fixed monthly payment at a lower per user cost. Upgrade or downgrade anytime. Monthly, quarterly or yearly payments.

Unlimited plan

For high volume production companies and broadcasters that want run an unlimited number of productions.  Team members are counted across productions. Upgrade or downgrade at any time. Pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Students and schools – free

Dramatify supports education in film, TV and video production. Learn more on how to use Dramatify for free as a school or student.

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