Watermarking your screenplay

Automatically included in Dramatify!
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Watermarking your screenplay – automatically included in Dramatify!

Watermarking your screenplays are important before distributing them to your team and cast. That’s why we have included watermarking automagically whenever you print a screenplay from Dramatify!

The screenplay is not only the foundation for any drama production, but also valuable intellectual property. In an ideal world you should never have to watermark. The basic idea of Dramatify is that most team members never should have to print the screenplay at all. It’s accessible in the favourite device of each team member, regardless if that is a smart phone, tablet or computer. Less printing saves the lives of a lot of trees.

Many in the core production team probably want to print a copy anyway – either on paper or as a pdf – and we want your intellectual property to be protected.

Watermarked and trackable

When you need to print the screenplay, regardless if it is on paper or to a pdf, the screenplay will be marked and trackable.

  • Automatically watermarked with the production company logo in the middle of each page (not on the cover page).
  • The footer of each page is marked with the text “Printed [date] for [name of the team member that printed the screenplay] [title of the person] [email address] © [The Production Company name]”. It looks something like this:
    Printed 2015-01-01 for
    Jane Smith, screenwriter
    © The Production Company

Customised cover page

You can customise the cover page of the screenplay that includes several different areas for different information according to American Screenwriting Standard.

  • Credit information underneath the title, centered on the middle of the page
  • Draft and version, left side of the page
  • Screenplay contact information, right side of the page
  • Copyright information in a centered footer where you also can put registration information if your screenplay is registered.

View a sample with a cover page and a script page.



Automatic watermarking with your company logo


Automatic tracking information


Add & customise a cover page

Top image by James Jordan / Flickr (CC BY ND).


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