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Offline access – always have access to your information!

Offline access are built into Dramatify. Today we are used to ubiquitous internet access with our phones always within reach. Most places we go to have wifi or we bring internet access with us, through a mifi or by using our phone as wifi access points. But on shoots, there can be a lot of reasons to be offline.

Sometimes access simply isn’t possible. You might shoot in an area without internet access or even without mobile access. Or perhaps you demand that the team put their phones into airplane mode in order to not disturb the shoot.

Dramatify gives you access to what you need anyway!

Temporarily storing your information

Dramatify caches, i.e temporarily stores, the most important production information in the web browser, regardless if you are on your computer, tablet or phone. This means you always have access to:

  • The Production page
  • The team list (People)
  • Screenplays and scripts
  • Call sheets

Most team members have access to everything they normally have access to apart from the inbox newsfeed, provided of course, that they had accessed the content before the connection shut down.

Team members with administration access, who can create and edit content other than in the newsfeed, have the same access to the core items above but will not be able to add new information or access admin pages.

This is quite by design. We do not want you to experience syncing errors after being offline, and then not knowing if your version is the latest, if Fred’s version is more correct, ir if it actually is Linda’s version which is the newest. With several team members providing information to the same content while being offline can make quite a mess for you. So, we avoid that all together!

Paper copies on hand

Apart from the cached information, Dramatify also offers print opportunities som that you can have a few hardcopies on hand if need be!


Offline access for the most important shooting information.

Important information can also be printed.

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