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Call sheets and features for multiple teams
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Multiply team work – call sheets for several teams, 2nd unit and 3rd unit

Big shoot, multiple teams in multiple countries or multiple shifts? Dramatify helps you out!

Multiple teams is something many teams use, at least a second unit or a third unit. But increasingly we also see production lengths being compressed with two or three teams working in parallell, during different shifts of the day or in different countries or continents.

Up to five teams simultaneously

With Dramatify, you can use up to five teams simultaneously, each with their own call sheet. You can set up your teams at the beginning of pre-production, or add teams as you need during the production.

Team members can belong to several team, or no team at all, in the case of team members that don’t need call sheets. Instead of calling the teams, A, B and C, we followed Danny Boyle and use beautiful colours. Choose between red, purple and green teams along with the gold and bronze of 2nd unit and 3rd unit.

Multiple teams work great with Dramatify’s series functionality too.



Up to five teams simultaneously

One call sheet per team

Produce in blocks with different teams

Most features have a team select to easily view information for just one team

Top image by Shanti Braford / Flickr (CC BY 2.0).


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