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Multi-camera live & studio rundown scripts

Dramatify offers a unique, collaborative rundown & script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows, developed together with live-tv show directors, production co-ordinators and scriptwriters. It is one of our three different script formats.

Today, most live and studio shows use handcrafted spreadsheets for rundowns, and of course spreadsheets are a tool made for numbers, not scripts. Existing digital script tools on the market have so far been made for either drama or news, not entertainment, galas or talk shows. With Dramatify’s rundown tool for multi-camera shows, producers can save time, resources and a lot of frustration.

A rundown script format made for multi-camera shows

With Dramatify, show directors, producers, production coordinators, technical crews, screenwriters and talent, not only get a live and studio script rundown tool made for the task but also:

  • easily customised script set up
  • collaborative writing with a warning – or lock! – if another team member is editing the same scene
  • distraction-free “word processor” for scriptwriters and journalists. 
  • a super-flexible rundown with easy custom views for everyone in the team, just show or hide information to create your perfect rundown
  • automatically colour-coded scenes depending on the source
  • running time, real-time and reverse time options
  • inline content columns for action/dialogue, camera, audio, graphics, up to three screens and segment notes
  • scene notes with image option, segment notes and non-printing personal notes
  • work status (red, yellow, green)
  • one-click addition of sets and cast
  • easy re-arrangement of scenes and segments with drag’n’ drop
  • integrated cue cards ready to print or view on your digital device
  • dark mode when using tablets, computers and smartphones during studio shoots
  • teleprompter export of either both action and dialogue, or just dialogue

Integrated with all other Dramatify features

Dramatify’s smart script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows is also:

  • fast, due to smart functionality and drag’n’ drop interface.
  • collaborative, decide exactly who should be able to read or write.
  • multi-homed, works on any device with a modern web browser; computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • integrated, with all of Dramatify’s other features: team management, messaging, characters & cast, sets & locations, scene items (including props, wardrobe, set dressing and even security), scheduling, call sheets and reports.
  • eco-friendly, all of the team can use Dramatify on their favourite device, and there is no need to print information to distribute it.

Integration with CuePilot vision mixer

You can also upload, integrate and edit shot lists from CuePilot to Dramatify for integrated production flow (bottom image to the right). CuePilot is the dedicated vision mixer software for live TV shows and events. In pre-production you can test and plan vision mixer edits, as well as cues for performers and stage staff, allowing you to produce TV shows as tightly curt as if they were music videos.


Super-easy to work with - no more spreadsheets!

Both a technical rundown AND a distraction-free writing view for journalists & scriptwriters

Integration with CuePilot vision mixer

Integrated Cue Cards both for print and digital devices

Export to teleprompter, subtitling & closed captioning.

Dark-mode for an entirely paperless work flow.

Top image by Björn Falkevik for Dramatify


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