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Entertainment production with the smartest multi-camera scripts / rundowns in the world!

Increase efficiency and speed in your entertainment productions! Dramatify is the smart collaboration platform with the smartest multi-camera  scripts / rundowns for live and studio productions. We can save you hours every day in pre-production and in set!  

Entertainment productions must run smoothly. And fast. That’s why professionals – together with Dramatify – have developed the best solution for shows, galas, and other entertainment programs. You and your cast and crew gets a digital collaboration platform specifically developed to support the demands of modern entertainment production. 

You can use parts of the platform for smaller productions, or all of it for large, demanding productions. You can do one-off galas, or daily shows. It’s that flexible!


A unique script template built specifically for multi-camera live & studio productions

Fast on/off, show/hide and drag'n'drop interface

Easily customise the user view, from talent & writers to camera operators

Teleprompter export

GREEN! Dark-mode for en entirely paper-free production flow

Integrates with all other Dramatify features, from breakdown and scheduling to call sheets and reports

Collaboration for crew & cast

Save time and money! Each team member can efficiently collaborate, communicate and get the information they need according to their role and the access level the production has given them. Without an overworked production assistant in the middle and without printing lots of single-use, throwaway information on paper. Go green!

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The world’s most advanced multi-camera live & studio show scripts

Enjoy our unique, collaborative script tool for multi-camera live and studio shows, developed together with live-tv show directors, production co-ordinators and script writers. Guaranteed, it saves time, resources and a lot of frustration.

  • Fast on/off content settings, including real time and reverse time.
  • Show/hide settings to show exactly what you’d like to read in the finished script. Easy to format for specific roles, from talent and writers to camera operators.
  • One click to duplicate scripts and scenes.
  • Drag’n’drop to move scenes and to move segments within a scene.
  • Automatic background colours depending on source (EVS, live, graphics, speaker, music etc.)
  • Optional “dark mode” (see the image).
  • Export to tele prompters.

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Keep track of all the details!

  • Breakdown your script and add all types of scenography items, props, wardrobe, technical equipment and other scene items
  • Works great on mobile for stylists and buyers on the go!
  • Master list of all scene items with smart filters
  • Add departments, tags, images and options to scene items
  • Breakdown report

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Learn more about scene item management »

Integrated scheduling

  • Schedule for up to 5 teams and unlimited episodes simultaneously. Works exceptionally well for either multi-location or multinational productions or productions with both pre-produced and live material.
  • Switch between column view and stripboard view with a click.
  • Extensive filters for faster and easier scheduling.
  • Schedule crew on set with a click. This information is also used in call sheets, catering lists, time sheets and reports.
  • Schedule cast and participants with call times, transport, rehearsals, makeup, hair, wardrobe etc.
  • Direct connection with call sheets. Updates can be viewed immediately!

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Smart set and location data

Regardless if you are in one studio, or in a number of different locations, Dramatify adds value with:

  • Individual set pages with attached scene items for props, set dressing etc. including images and options
  • Location pages with geodata, image slideshow, imageboards with comments, release & owner information, greenlighting
  • Linked maps and driving directions in the digital call sheets so everyone finds the way
  • Automatic weather reports in call sheets from location data

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Learn more about location management »

Manage hosts and participants

  • Character & cast master list – add hosts, dancers, musicians, participants, judges….
  • Character & cast report with dates and days, episodes, scenes, sets and locations
  • Individual character pages will all info, including a stylist section with scene items for wardrobe, makeup & hair including images and options
  • Schedule cast and other participants daily for rehearsals, makeup, hair, wardrobe times etc.

Learn more about character management »

Scene lists, stripboards, running orders & continuity

Dramatify offers super-configurable reports and running orders:

  • Scene list with easy formatting of strips, extensive filters and sorting features that can be used for continuity
  • Shooting order stripboard with easy formatting of strips, extensive filters and sorting features that can be used for rundown reports
  • These can be formated as running orders, continuity and character continuity
  • Easily print handouts or pdfs

Call sheets – digital and printed

  • Offer both smart, digital call sheets and printed call sheets to your cast and crew
  • Call sheets are smart and semi-automatic – saving you tons of time. Also synced with all other data, reflecting changes in scheduling immediately!
  • Digital call sheets include smart map links and smart contact information as well as script sides in the scene information
  • Two different templates included for printed call sheets

Learn more about call sheets »

Time Sheets & Check In/Out of Work Hours

Time Sheets and working hours can be incredibly labour intensive to gather and process. In Dramatify it’s more or less automatic!

  • Check in cast and crew with a click
  • Export all time sheets as a.csv file to your payroll department.
  • Work hours are also automatically added to the Daily Production Report

Learn more about time sheets »

Who’s vegan? Easy food & meal management!

  • Automatically get compiled catering lists per day, including meal preferences and allergies. Add any extra plates or snacks!
  • Check off plates and break times during meal breaks
  • Add how meal costs should be handled for the production as well as individually if necessary – free, deducted or taxed. Or turn off meal management altogether.
  • Export a compiled.csv file to payroll at the end of the day.
  • Plate count information is also automatically added to the Daily Production Report.

Bon Appétit!

Learn more about food management »

Reports & handouts, documents & files

  • Dramatify has a plethora of lists and reports that can be customised by a few clicks. Each team member can get exactly the information they are looking for
  • All information comes from one source and is always up to date
  • Nearly automatic, very comprehensive daily production report
  • Upload and share any documents and files with your crew and cast without requiring any other logins or accounts
  • Create and share link collections with your crew, from dailies to graphic files or music.

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Dramatify streamlines productions

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. Everything for everyone is in your mobile in real time. No emails, no shared document, no missing info, no different versions.
Everyone here just loves it!

Rami Lindholm, gala show director, YLE (Finland)

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