The Heartbleed bug have been called the biggest internet bug of all times. 

Dramatify users are safe and do not have to change their Dramatify passwords, but it might be a good idea to change any other passwords as well as clear out your browser cache.

Dramatify’s recently started encrypting our traffic between your browser and our servers. Our hosting company have a very high-security vigilance and upgraded all servers as soon as this bug was made public. They do not see that it should have compromised any Dramatify users.

Dramatify safe from heartbleed bug

What is the Heartbleed bug?

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library that encrypts internet traffic. This weakness allows theft of the information that under normal conditions are protected by the encryption. The encryption provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for applications such as web, email, instant messaging (IM) and some virtual private networks (VPNs).

The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. It includes secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content. This allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users.

What you should do

As stated earlier, your Dramatify account, password and content is safe. But you might want to update your other accounts including social media, email, e-commerce etc.

  1. You can test the status of your services with the Heartbug test (as shown in the picture above).
  2. Change all your passwords
    . For very important ones like Google, Microsoft, Dropbox etc
    . turn on two way authentication.
  3. Empty all your browser caches. ZDnet have written a good tutorial on how to do that for different browsers.

Stay safe!


Image credits: Heartbleed art by rejon at Open Clip Art. (Public Domain)


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