Best multi-camera live/studio scripts in the business.


Dramatify supports drama production from script to Daily Production Report.


Dramatify’s AV scripts are made for commercials and corporate video.

VR / 360°

Plan & create the future of the business with a full fledged production app.

We streamline your TV, film, video, commercial or VR/360° production

Dramatify’s goal is to make filmmaking and the production of  TV, entertainment, documentaries, factuals, reality, commercials and VR/360° the truly creative process it is. In our app, you can handle  all the tedious paper work that administration and management of a production requires. In the process, we intend to save your production a load of money through better management and less resources spent on administration.

Our core mission is helping you create and distribute all the important production information, and involve your team in the process. We also are on a mission to lessen the environmental impact of moving image productions, so  you don’t really need  to print lists, call sheets and update thick scripts on paper again.

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Annika Lidne

Annika Lidne

CEO & co-founder

Please contact Annika with any questions regarding sales, new partnerships and support.

Angelika Stigenberg

Angelika Stigenberg

CTO, co-founder & lead developer

Please direct all non-partner related issues to our the contact form below.

Dramatify is a privately held startup based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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