Dramatify payment plans

Dramatify payment plans

Below you find our different payment plans for your country. You select and confirm your chosen payment plan within the Dramatify app. You can at any time change your payment plan, as well as upgrade and downgrade your existing plan. We will adjust the next invoice to reflect your changes. If you have any special requirements or requests, just contact us and we will make you a custom offer.

Pay as you go plan

Per production, member & month

Fixed plans

Per month

Most popular!

First member* Free First member* Free Free
Up to 50 members 69 SEK/member Up to 10 members 299 SEK 1 999 SEK
51 – 150 members 59 SEK/member Up to 25 members 799 SEK 4 950 SEK
More than 150 members 49 SEK/member Up to 50 members 1 899 SEK 11 000 SEK
Up to 100 members 3 499 SEK 18 000 SEK
Up to 200 members 6 499 SEK 36 000 SEK
Up to 500 members 13 129 SEK 70 000 SEK
Over 500 members Ask for offer Ask for offer

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