Security and uptime – keep your production information safe!

Secure your production information!

Secure your production.
Keep your information safe.
Few can afford standstill costs due to crashed or stolen computers with production information that someone forgot to backup. Can you?

Your production information is sacred to us. We are doing everything to keep it safe and accessible to you using industry best practises and professional hosting.

Professional hosting

Dramatify runs on professionally hosted servers in a secure facility, set up by security experts in Sweden with at least 15 years of experience in the field. All administration of the servers, as well as the administration and access to your own production account by you and your team members, are done over encrypted connections to prevent eavesdropping. Administrative access of the server is granted using asymmetric keys.

24/7 server monitoring

Our servers and their internet connections are monitored 24/7 for potential problems or unexpected behaviour. The data is backed up every day to two different physical locations to ensure its integrity if something should happen, and all the backups are encrypted. At least 7 previous versions are kept in storage to maximise security and accessibility.

Best practise security

Dramatify is built on an open source framework with a world class security track record. All passwords are encrypted to prevent any security leaks. All users get logged out after a period of inactivity to prevent abuse. We take your production security very seriously!

Avoiding corrupted, deleted production documents in Dropbox

Dropbox is a great service. Many production companies rely on it, and we at Dramatify use it ourselves for some sharing.

However, while it’s great for a small number of people to share documents with, customers have told us many horror stories of deleted or corrupted production documents when many users are sharing a production dropbox, leading to extra costs and delays. This is not something you can afford.

Securing your production documents

A lot of standard production documents like screenplays, scripts, team lists, character lists, set lists, location lists, planning and call sheets are already incorporated features in Dramatify. Scripts are protected with a no-copy-paste function and drama screenplays have the additional protection of watermarking and print tracking.

Dramatify also accepts other documents in a variety of common file formats. By design, we do not offer the effortless syncing of Dropbox that creates the problems of data corruption when many people open, save and close the same document. To delete a document in Dramatify, you must have administration permission. There is also no way you can delete the document by mistake, as is easy with Dropbox sharing if you are not completely aware of how the sharing works.

Thus, by sharing documents within Dramatify, you can be sure nothing is lost by mistake. We keep you safe.

Top image by Stephanie Overton / Flickr (CC BY ND) )

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