Reports and handouts

Reports and handouts

Dramatify gives you a number of reports and printed handouts – and more are on the way.

Here are what we currently offer:


  • Team report – filter on production crew, cast and others as well as on teams. All contact information, including representation, and if personal release and / or contract have been uploaded.
  • Day out of Day report for Cast
  • Character & Cast report with production days/work period, pages, episodes, scenes, sets, locations and unit bases.
  • Breakdown report – filter on episode or scene. Everything from the breakdown including breakdown notes and Director’s notes.
  • Scene item report/list with ALL scene items that you can filter and sort backwards, sideways and any way ’til Sunday.

Printed handouts

Note that all lists can be customised to show the information you want. You just hide information you don’t want to include with a click.

  • Printed, watermarked and user-tagged screenplays
  • Printed breakdown report with all added breakdown information. Should you want, you can limit the report and only show the breakdown information for an episode, a location, a set, a scene, a script day or a production day.
  • Printed scene list / one-liner – you can format and filter your scene list in very smart way.
  • Printed stripboard where you in a few clicks can customise which information you want visible and the range of scenes and production days.
  • Printed character list with picture, character name, character type, cast and cast status.
  • Printed character sheets with picture, character name, character type, cast and cast status, in episode and in scenes information as well as scene items and scene item options filterable on departments, scenes and persistant or non-persistant items.
  • Printed set list with set description/requirements and location with address
  • Printed set sheet with set name, set type, location address, in episode and in scenes information as well as scene items and scene item options filterable on departments.
  • Printed location list with location description/information and location address
  • Printed production day wall calendar per month with scenes per team
  • Printed call sheets

Reports and printed handouts on Dramatify




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