Timesheet: Check in / out working hours

Timesheet: Check in / out working hours

Check in and out your crew and cast. Record their working hours. Note sick days and other absent days. Export records to a .csv file to import to the spreadsheet application of your choice. All in an easy-to-use interface!

The Check in / out working hours works integrated with our shooting teams, the scene scheduler, crew scheduler, the daily cast scheduler and call sheets. It lets you check in your cast and crew per set unit and cast calls, including early calls. You can also customise by checking in Now, i.e. the time at that moment, record a specific hour and minute, as well as not sick days and absence.

Check out by set wrap time, Now-time, or a specific hour and minute. Export as a .csv file to import into the spreadsheet program of your choice. Easy!


Working hours - check in/out

Top image by Peter Burka / Flickr (CC BY) 


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