Why doesn't my call sheet show the weather forecast?

How to fix a mysteriously missing weather report.
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Why doesn’t my call sheet show the weather forecast?

Here is how to fix a mysteriously missing weather report.

Dramatify semi-automatically adds a weather forecast to your call sheet, 10 days ahead at the maximum, and updated every third hour.

The weather forecast is based on the GPS location of your shooting locations.

But what if you can’t see it? 

  1. Check that you actually have selected one of the locations in the call sheet
  2. Check that you have added locations to your sets. If you have forgotten, there will be no location headline nor any locations listed in your call sheet.
  3. Check that your locations actually have valid addresses. Click on the location links to see that you get a correct map address.  In some areas, Google Maps may not recognise the address you have given, even if it is correct. In that case, go back to your location, and find your location on the map and make sure you get GPS coordinates from your map marker.

Top image by Mark Freeth / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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