Adding banners to a call sheet

When creating call sheets, you can add banners for all non-scene related activities to the list of scenes to create a production schedule. 

A banner is simply any non-scene activity you want to add to your scene list to inform the team of important events during the day. It might be rehearsals, team transports, breaks or preparations.

You simply click on the “+ Banner” link in the call sheet you are creating (see the image above). You can then add the banner activity text and the duration of the event in hours and minutes.


Add banner


Use the navigation handle (the cross like icon at the far left of the banner bar, see the image at the top) to simply drop the banner before, between or after scenes to create the right order.

The effect of working hours on banners and scene list

You can set working hours both on the entire production (under Planning) or on individual call sheets.  If you use working hours (which we recommend) the Sets / Scenes feature will start counting at the start time of your working hours.

If you want to mark an end point to a production day, such as a wrap, just you can let it have no time, i.e. 00:00.


NOTE! Set permissions Only users with Production Admin permission will be able to access the Admin mode in Call sheets and create and edit Call sheets. Learn how in the  Roles and Permissions article.


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