Archive your production

Archive your production & end your subscription period

Archive your production & end your subscription  period

Archiving and ending your production is easy in Dramatify, as is activating it again.

You might want to archive your production when:

  • You are finished with your production
  • Your production is on hold for an indeterminable period
  • You just wanted try out Dramatify but are not yet ready to use it
  • You made a mistake when starting a production and you just want to shut it down


How to archive a production

To archive a production, go to Production in the sidebar menu. Click on the Edit icon beside the Production name.

Archive your production. End your Dramatify subscription.

On the Edit Production page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Archive Production button.

Archive your production. End your Dramatify subscription.

To make sure you are not archiving a production by mistake, Dramatify requires you to write the name of your production when prompted, and click on DO IT! to archive your production.

No charge for an archived production

When you have archived your production, we do not charge anything for it.

Credits for archived productions

Your archived production will show up as a credit on your profile page as well as the profile page of any crew and cast members.

Activate an archived Dramatify production

To activate an archived production because you either want to start production again, or you need to check on some detail, you do the following:

  • Go to your personal profile by clicking on Profile in the top navigation. If you are on mobile, click the cog icon in the upper left and select Profile.
  • Click on the Professional menu below your profile image and contact information. Below your qualifications, you see your Productions and below that the production company or companies you have been working for.
  • Click on the correct Production company
  • At the top of the Production company page, click on Archive. Here you see which productions your production company have archived and the correct titles. Click on the email link to send a message to us to activate your production again.
  • When your production is active again, normal subscription starts on the activation date.

Delete a Dramatify production?

Can I delete a Dramatify production?

No, not through the app at the moment for technical reasons. Use archiving instead, or contact us and we will delete your production.


Top image by Carolina Prysyazhnyuk / Flickr (CC BY SA).


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