On April 13th, Dramatify organizes a free VR meetup together with Google, TV4Smart Kreativ Stad / Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen and the Swedish Film Institute, at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The event will be held in Swedish.

VR is super hot right now, with new technology, new devices, new portals, new apps and new content being created. But in Sweden, VR is mostly a gaming thing right now. And we want to change that!

The VR meetup on April 13th, therefore focuses on the storytelling and technology of scripted VR – drama, entertainment, journalism, reality and live. Not so much on the amazing future, but what you can do right now.

We will show case productions from TV4, SVT, Borderline films and others, as well as panels on storytelling and technology.

Register for free here!


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