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VR meetup Sweden#2: On VR in drama, documentary and broadcasting

VR meetup Sweden#2: On VR in drama, documentary and broadcasting

For the second time, Dramatify arranges an afternoon focused on the future of moving image  – VR in drama, documentaries and broadcasting.

The afternoon of November 18th in Stockholm we will meet a number of super exciting VR experts and trailblazers! Learn more about VR storytelling, the VR broadcast from this summer’s Olympic Games, how to do a weekly VR show, how VR visualises hidden structures, brandbuilding and marketing with VR, Google Daydream and much more! You’ll also get the chance to try out various VR projects.

The #VRmeetupSWE is organised by Dramatify together with The Stockholm Film Festival / Stockholm Industry Days, Smart Kreativ Stad / Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen, The Swedish Film Institute, Google and MTG.

Learn more and register today! The event is free and we buy you coffee!


Meet us at MIPCOM 2016

Meet us at MIPCOM 2016

Today MIPCOM 2016 kicked off in Cannes, and I’m here holding back to back meetings, evangelising about Dramatify. The response is fantastic, from animation producers to drama and factual.

In between, I also catch some of the sessions on VR as Dramatify is gearing up to support VR production along with 2D and 3D.

If you want to meet and talk production and get a demo of Dramatify, just contact Annika or send a tweet to Dramatify!

Dramatify is a finalist in the InUse Design Awards 2016!

Dramatify is a finalist in the InUse Design Awards 2016!

One of the core visions when we started with Dramatify, was a solution with a design and user interface that was easy to use, fun and useful. Thanks to these core values, we have reached the final of the premier Swedish competition for web design and user experience: The InUse Design Awards 2016.

Also nominated are solutions for the Swedish Police Force, Swedish Rail, rental startup Hygglo and commerce solution Vendo. We thank InUse for the nomination in the finals and look forward to the Award cermony on October 20th!

Read more about the competition and our nomination (Swedish only).

Dramatify launches at European Film Market / Berlinale 2016!

Dramatify launches at European Film Market / Berlinale 2016!

After more than two years in development, Dramatify is launching commercially. From today, we are a paid platform with a 15 day free trial for new users.

The commercial launch is the endpoint of one journey, where we interviewed and met with hundreds of producers from all around the world, getting new friends and solving hard problems. With their input, we have built a large project management platform to take a production from script to shooting.

We’ve have had a thousand beta testers from more than 30 countries giving us invaluable feedback through out our development process. A big thank you if you were one of them!

In April last year, Dramatify were selected as one of five finalists in the largest startup competition within the television world by MIPTVs MIPLabs, with the words “one of the most innovative companies within television and video technology today.”

Our supporters – we couldn’t have done it without you!

We also have had a great number of supporters behind the scenes. Just to mention a few – Daniel Chilla, Martin Cronström, Martin Vilcans, Jan Svensson, Mikael Werner / Eyewell, Johan Jörgensen, Boris Nordenström, Jessica Diviani, Pär Stigenberg and Björn Falkevik / FKDV. We also got valuable innovation grants from Vinnova and Almi Invest that helped with research and building our network.

A new beginning

The commercial launch is also a beginning. This is where we start building a profitable longterm company that delights customers and users, and bring modern, mobile, eco-friendly production management and collaboration tools to producers, teams and filmmakers all around the world.

We also keep a close eye on the exciting emerging scripted VR industry to provide the specific tools they need in the near future.

We have a great road map ahead of us with new features, each and everyone of them functionality that users and producers have asked for to make their productions easier and more profitable to manage and produce.

Prices and people

Pricing is always a challenge with any startup. We believe it must feel fair and be easy to understand. Dramatify must be able to handle both productions with small agile teams for documentaries, commercials and online video, as well as big budget blockbusters with teams that reach into the thousands, productions that geographically ranges from Hollywood to Trollywood, from Pinewood to Bollywood.

After many revisions and talks with producers, especially from India and South Africa where both budgets and local costs are lower, we landed in a pricing strategy where the production pays per member in the team list and month (i.e 30 days). You can at any time increase and decrease your team list, meaning that you can start out as a small team during pre-production and then explode the team when going into production.

We also have three different pricing tiers depending on your country, where Western countries pay more and countries with low budgets pay less. Prices can therefore vary from USD 10 per team member to as low as USD 2.

Here is the price list (note that it automatically reflects in which country you are surfing from right now).

An overview:

Countries / Regions < 50 50 – 150 > 150
North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Israel $10 / €9 $8 / €7 $6 / €5
Eastern Europe, Central & South America, Russia, China, UAE, Saudi-Arabia $8 / €7 $6 / €5.50 $4 / €3.50
Africa, India, South East & Central Asia, Middle East $6 $4 $2


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  • If you are in pre-production in the US with 44 people in the team list, you pay USD 440 per 30 days.
  • If you are in production in India with a team of 220, you pay the same, USD 440 per 30 days.
  • When your US production starts shooting with a team of 220, you pay USD 1320 per 30 days.


Looking forward

We hope that you’ll use Dramatify and give us continuous feedback and ideas based on your production needs and your team members requirements.

One of the great things with internet-based solutions is that we can quickly make improvements and launch new features, and you’ll never have to download a new upgrade or pay for the new version. You always have the latest and most advanced version of Dramatify in your computer, on your tablet and in your smartphone.

Thanks for your support! Now, go and create great productions!

Annika, Angelika & team

Check out our Spring Tour video!

It’s spring in the air! Here is our spring tour through all the features in Dramatify! Our newest feature is script support for RTL (that’s right-to-left) languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu and more.

Sign up for a free trial at or click at “Register” at the top of the page!

If you want a personal online demo of Dramatify, just contact us and we will schedule you!

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