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Updated Terms of Service

Dramatify has updated our Terms of Service and our Terms of Service for Business Accounts to reflect the new European General Data Protection Regulation. Other than that, the terms have not changed other than some language polish.

We have added a new Privacy Notice, required by GDPR, that is also displayed to all users that sign up or are invited to Dramatify.

We have also updated the Personal Data Consent that each invited user needs to agree to in order to allow the production company hosting their production on Dramatify to handle the user’s personal data.

Two new templates for printed call sheets!

Two new templates
for printed call sheets!

Smarter call sheets. In print. In your phone.

Save time, frustration and trees with Dramatify’s smart call sheet solution. Now also introducing two new call sheet templates for print. One for excellent readability. One for compact information.


Work smarter & faster

In Dramatify, you only add information once. When you open your call sheet draft, most of it will allready be automatically ready made for you.
Sounds scary? It’s not. Dramatify simply draws on the information you (or your AD) already have added, from general production settings and principals, to scene scheduling, crew scheduling and daily cast scheduling as well as general call sheet settings and weather forecasts. You only need to add the last details!

Work solo or delegate!

You, or your AD, can be solely responsible for the call sheets. If you want to speed up things, allow assistants to help, or the various Heads of Departments to add their own notes and requirements to the call sheets.


Easy pre-production

With Dramatify, it’s super easy to pre-produce call sheets weeks, or even months, ahead to ease the work load during shooting. Add last minute details and publish at the right time!


Update on the fly!

If you have a quickly shifting production due to weather or other circumstances, you can update Dramatify’s call sheets on the fly. Team members using Dramatify’s digital call sheets will have the updates the next moment. But message the team and notify them about the update to make sure everyone is onboard!

Read call sheets on your phone, tablet or in print

By inviting cast and crew to Dramatify, they can not only collaborate, message and get their own work information, but also access call sheets they way they want: in their phones, on their tablets or print them!
Naturally, you can also print copies to hand out on set, or print as PDFs and send by email.


Two new call sheet templates for print!

We have just added two brand new call sheet templates for print. When you print, you simply select which version you prefer. You can of course both print on paper as well as a PDF.
The Modern Call sheet template is focused on readability.
The Compact call sheet template is focused on getting as much information into a sheet of paper as possible and features small font sizes and narrow line heights.

Learn more about Dramatify’s call sheets!

Learn more about how Dramatify’s call sheets work in our feature overview and in the call sheet tutorial. There you can also view call sheet samples.


Biggest shows yet relying on Dramatify

Biggest shows yet relying on Dramatify

With an audience in the millions, Dramatify is in the core of this weekend’s big EBU live broadcast across Europe!

This weekend, 14-15th of October, Dramatify hits a great milestone when the biggest galashows yet produced on Dramatify is broadcasted live over Europe. It’s the Euroradio Choral Competition taking place at Helsinki’s Musiikkitalo (Music Centre), an European Broadcasting Union (EBU) choir competition that has been broadcasted since 1961, both on TV and radio and now also on the web. Choir singing is a hobby that currently  attracts more and more people in many countries.

The event consists of two prime time gala shows on Saturday evening and Sunday evening respectively,  live broadcasted by YLE in Finland, on radio across Europe and live streaming on the web with an audience in the tens of millions. The galas are an official part of the centennial celebration of Finland’s founding as a free nation.

YLE have been a close collaboration partner in developing Dramatify’s unique multi-camera live & studio script format, which is currently the most advanced in the world. It’s the core of the galas production, with all other Dramatify features coming in to play during pre-production, planning and scheduling.


(Image: Screen capture from the YLE trailer for Let the peoples sing on Youtube)

Scene Items Super Manager – never miss a thing again!

Scene Items Super Manager – never miss a thing again!

Wardrobe? Props? Vehicles? Camera equipment? Security? Efficiently keep track of everything!

We always listen to our customers and their smart requests. That’s why we have beefed up our scene items management so you and your team always are on top of everything – from wardrobe and props to vehicles, security, camera and lighting equipment.  And any other things you want to manage for your production.


Copy scene items from previous scene in breakdown Smart copy!

In the breakdown, copy scene items from a previous scene with a click – making script breakdown super fast!


Add images to scene items
Add images!

Add images of wardrobe items, props and any other scene item. Or, snap a photo of a barcode or inventory number!


Add tags to scene itemsAdd tags!

Create your own tags to organise and categorise your scene items!


Add stars to scene options
Add stars!

Scene items can have options – say three different jackets to try. Now you can star mark your options to keep track!


Search scene items

Smart search – search on scene item names or keywords!


Character pages with scene items Character pages!

Each character have their own page where you can overview and edit all scene items for the character – and add options!


Set pages with scene items
Set pages!

Each set have their own page where you can overview and edit all scene items for the set – and add options!


Day out of day for scene items

Day out of day for Scene items

When and for how long will you be needing a scene item? The new Day out of Day table for scene items gives you the answer in a second!



PRESS RELEASE: Automagic Daily Production Reports

PRESS RELEASE: Automagic Daily Production Reports

Dramatify launches another innovation for the moving image industry with the unique, smart technology-driven Daily Production Reports. Their automatic functions cut hours from each shooting day.

Today, writing Daily Production Reports (DPRs)  is a laborious manual task, often taking place late at night after a long production day on set. Failing to file the DPR in time might not only mean an angry executive producer, but worse, that co-producers and bond companies may halt the production.

The Daily Production Report is an industry cornerstone

The Daily Production Report is a cornerstone for every film and TV-drama production, as well as many entertainment and documentary productions. It summarises the progress of the production as well as lists expenses, vital legal documents like personal releases and location releases, and adds important notes on subjects such as health & safety incidents.

Another innovative feature

Dramatify leads the development in innovative digital, cloud-based production management tools for the moving image industry. With the new automagic Daily Production Reports, Dramatify use smart technology to do the heavy lifting and automatically gather daily information from other smart Dramatify features such as:

The user can then manually add media usage, details and corrections as well as log expenses in multiple currencies. The digital version also includes scanned receipts.

A digital approval and signing process

When the report is ready, Dramatify’s smart digital approval and signing process starts, where signers are notified and then digitally can handle approvals, rejections and signing with just a few clicks.

That ‘time is money’ is a well worn platitude, but on set it’s an expensive reality. Every minute costs a lot. In an industry that mainly manage productions manually, Dramatify is dedicated to innovation by building smart digital tools that saves time and money, so producers can focus on production quality and creativity.

Learn more in the tutorial!

Automate on set food & meal handling!

Automate on set food & meal handling!

Dramatify works tirelessly to help producers, teams and productions to work smarter. We just released one of our most “asked for” features: Food lists, plate count and meal costs. Automagically!

Today – as if it’s not enough to keep track of how many meals to order, plate count and break times – you also need to keep track of who is vegan, low carb, low fat, vegetarian, kosher or halal – and have a food allergy…

And on top of that, how should meal costs be handled? Is breakfast free, but 1st and 2nd meals deducted? Or taxed? And what if some cast members have different negotiated meal costs than the rest of the cast and crew? And what if we suddenly have twenty visitors on set? Phew!

Dramatify handles

  • the food preferences and food allergies for each cast and crew member.
  • daily compiled food lists with everything caterers need.
  • general meal cost settings for cast and crew.
  • individual meal cost settings (optional).
  • easy check in of meal times and consumed meals.
  • .csv export of complete working hours, break times, plate counts and individual meal cost instructions.
  • easy addition of extra plates as well as snacks


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