Useful reports to keep the production on track!

Useful reports to keep the production on track!

Dramatify users asked for more detailed reports, and here they are! Each is easy to customise with a click or two, if you want to print or PDF reports and send to others.

The Character and Cast report

Character & Cast report

The Character and Cast report contains all important information about a character and it’s casted talent:

  • Working period: Start date, finishing date, number of days
  • Number of pages
  • Scenes
  • Episodes
  • Sets
  • Locations
  • Unit bases

As you see on top of the image, you can hide any information with a click, if you want to customise and send a report to a colleague. Underneath the show/hide buttons, you also go the stats for the number of characters in the various cast categories. If you only want to view a specific character category, like main characters or stunt persons, you filter that with a dropdown menu.

Combine the Character & Cast report with the awesome flexibility of Dramatify’s scene list, and you can very easily dig deep and get exactly the character and cast information you need.

The set report & list

Set report

While the Character & Cast report is a specific report, with Sets and Locations, we have simply extended the list functionality to give you all important information at a glance.

  • Scenes
  • Location with a map link
  • Unit base with a map link
  • Notes

You can also sort the set list report on:

  • Episodes
  • Alphabetically by set name
  • Production day
  • Location

The location list and report

Location report

The location list report works pretty much the same way as the set list report. We have three types of locations:

  • Shooting locations
  • Unit base
  • Medical emergency

For each shooting location you see:

  • Location status (none, red, yellow, green)
  • Street address with map link
  • GPS coordinates with map link
  • Sets
  • Unit base
  • Episodes & scenes
  • Notes

You can also group the shooting locations on production day in the header dropdown.

Happy reporting!

New & improved screenplay import and synch!

New & improved screenplay import and synch!

we’ve just released our new and improved screenplay upload and synch.

Upload as many script revisions as you need! Import and replace one, a few or all of the scenes while keeping everything synched with your breakdown, scheduling, characters, sets and call sheets.

And if you work with a series, we keep track of the characters and sets that you already have added in previous episode screenplays.

Final Draft compatible

The improved screenplay import is built with kind support from Final Draft, and works with any Final Draft compatible screenwriting program that exports .fdx files. If you use another program, there are ways to convert and import them as well!

Write from scratch – including RTL languages

As before, you can also write directly in Dramatify which works especially well if you team write or have writers and editors in different locales.

Also, if you write in a right-to-left language like Arabic, Hebrew or Farsi, we are the only professional screenwriting solution that supports RTL. We believe everyone should help save trees!

Automagic watermarking and screenplay tracking

Automagic watermarking and screenplay tracking is built in so you protect your intellectual property. At the same time you get an easy way to distribute screenplays to your entire team – formatted for their favourite devices.

Permissions – from everybody to super secret

You can let everybody in the team read the entire script, only scenes in the call sheet or –  if you are working on a super secret story – remove scenes while still working with breakdown, scheduling and all the other functionality in Dramatify. From now on, there is no need to print scripts. Everybody have the screenplays in their pocket (well, unless your screenplay is super super secret!) Watch how below!

First user free in all productions

Remember that the first user is free in any production, so log in and start planning your next master piece today!

Dramatify hosts first meetup on scripted VR in Sweden

Dramatify hosts first meetup on scripted VR in Sweden

Today Dramatify hosts the first meetup on scripted VR in Sweden together with Google, TV4, Cmore, the Swedish Film Institute and the Stockholm-Mälardalen Film Region. Don’t miss the live stream from the event, in VR too!

The event is live on Youtube from today, Wednesday 13th April 17:30 CET, at At the beginning of the show, we will also announce the address of the live VR stream at HugVR. Participate on Twitter too, with the hashtag #VRmeetupSWE. The meetup will be held in Swedish.

Tickets went incredibly fast, excitement and feedback have been amazing. There will be almost 250 people in the audience, almost exclusively professionals from the TV, film and broadcasting community.

2016 is the year VR explodes into the TV and film industry. Already this year over 1.1 BUSD have been invested into VR and AR during the first two months of the year, compared to 700 million in total during 2015. Dramatify is committed to closely monitor the needs and requirement of scripted VR and build those feature into our product to support VR along with “flat image” TV and film!


Meet us at MIPTV 2016!

Meet us at MIPTV 2016!

Today MIPTV, one of the biggest TV markets in the world started. Last year we were honoured to be one of the five finalists in tha largest global startup competition within television and video tchnology.

This year we have an even better offer so book one of our few remaining meeting slots and have a look at the future of production management!

Event invite: Storytelling & technology in virtual reality

Event invite: Storytelling & technology in virtual reality

On April 13th, Dramatify organizes a free VR meetup together with Google, TV4Smart Kreativ Stad / Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen and the Swedish Film Institute, at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm. The event will be held in Swedish.

VR is super hot right now, with new technology, new devices, new portals, new apps and new content being created. But in Sweden, VR is mostly a gaming thing right now. And we want to change that!

The VR meetup on April 13th, therefore focuses on the storytelling and technology of scripted VR – drama, entertainment, journalism, reality and live. Not so much on the amazing future, but what you can do right now.

We will show case productions from TV4, SVT, Borderline films and others, as well as panels on storytelling and technology.

Register for free here!


Dramatify goes Leweb

Dramatify goes Leweb

Just as last year, Dramatify will be part of the Swedish Startup delegation to Leweb, Europe’s premier internet conference that takes place next week, December 10th – 12th. We will be in Paris 9th – 13th if you want to meet any other day.

The theme for Leweb that this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, is “The Next 10 Years”, and we are looking forward to meet some of the sharpest minds in tech to hear what they think. Something that is certain though, is that Dramatify will continue to build exciting services for the next 10 years.

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